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JSC «Research Institute of Synthetic Fiber with the Pilot Plant» is the only scientific and production enterprise in Russia and CIS in the field of synthetic fibers having both the institute and the pilot plant in its structure.

The enterprise has more than 50-years experience in creation of advanced technologies for production of synthetic fibers and fibrous materials.

At present JSC «VNIISV» carries out the following activities:

Scientific research:

In the field of biodegradable polymers, polyacrylonitrile fibers, polyethylene, carbon and polyamide fibers, nonwoven materials, protective fibers for special paper, medical products.


New knowledge-intensive technologies and improvement of existing ones for production and processing of chemical fibers, primarily of special purpose fibers.


Polymers, fibers and products on their basis for aerospace industry and enterprises manufacturing special paper products, medical devices, means of chemical protection for military men, population and special machinery.


  • Information and consulting services to industrial enterprises in the field of manufacture and processing of synthetic polymers, fibers and threads;
  • Various energy inspections of industrial, energy, transport, housing facilities, utilities infrastructure and state-financed organizations;
  • Physico-chemical and physical-mechanical testing of fibers, polymers, raw materials and products made of them.

Main activities

Special threads and fibers

  • Development and creation of the industrial-scale production of UHMWPE high-strength yarns for lightweight, shock-resistant composite materials and different-purpose protective structures;
  • Development of the up-to-date technologies and setting up a production of polyacrylonitrile threads — precursors for carbon fibers and composites;
  • Special synthetic fibers for protection of securities from forgery.


Development and creation of a pilot production of biodegradable polymers and materials on the basis of renewable natural feedstock for manufacture of yarns, implants, binding agents, for 3D-prototyping and etc.

Surgical sutures and fabrics

Development of the process technology and production of surgical sutures and medical fibrous materials of new generation, making the combined effect on human body.

Nonwoven fabrics

Development of the technology and production of new types of filter-sorption composite materials for respiratory and skin protective devices.


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