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JSC «RT–Chemcomposite» Holding company is one of Russia's most innovative companies in the field of chemistry and composite materials and the leading producer of polymeric composite products in Russia.

The Holding is part of the Rostec State Corporation.

«RT–Chemcomposite» key business segments:

  • Structures, parts and assemblies made of polymeric composite materials, special glazing and optical coatings, engineering;
  • Special fibers;
  • Special chemistry products and green chemistry.

«RT–Chemcomposite» incorporates strategically important enterprises and research centers of Russia, conducting research work and developing innovations in the field of new materials, unique products and technologies:

  • The State Research Center JSC «Obninsk Research and Production Enterprise «Technologiya» (SRC JSC ORPE «Technologiya»);
  • The State Research Center «State Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology of Organoelement Compounds» (SRC RF «GNIICHTEOS»);
  • JSC «Research Institute of Synthetic Fiber with the Pilot Plant» (JSC «VNIISV»);
  • JSC «Ural Chemical Research Institute with the Pilot Plant» (JSC «UNICHIM with the pilot plant»);
  • JSC «Eastern Research Institute of Coal Chemistry» (JSC «VUKHIN»);
  • JSC «Moscow Experimental Machine-building Plant — Composite Technologies» (JSC «MEMP-CT»);
  • FSUE «Russian National Research Institute of High-Frequency Currents named after V.Vologdin» (FSUE «VNIITVCh»).

Two enterprises of «RT-Chemcomposite»: ORPE «Technologiya» and GNIIChTEOS have the status of the STATE RESEARCH CENTER of the Russian Federation.

Companies of «RT-Chemcomposite» have over 50 years of successful experience of working with composite materials.

The Holding produces large-size CARBON FIBER REINFORCED PLASTIC shells of nose cones, stage bays, airframe fairings, instrument bays components for the launchers PROTON-M, ROKOT, ANGARA.

Due to the use of CFRP materials, we helped to reduce the total weight of space vehicles by 1,5 tons.

Using new design and technological solutions, «RT-Chemcomposite» has pioneered the manufacture of SOLAR CELL CARRIER which weighs 480 g/sq.m.

In cooperation with other companies of space industry 30 SPACE VEHICLES have been manufactured WITH TEMPERATURE CONTROL SYSTEM PANELS made by the Holding.

Our know-how made it possible to reduce the satellite weight and markedly increase its operational life.

We manufacture special fibers for protection of financial credit documents and printing products against forgery.

For the last 20 years ALL NEW COAL-TAR PITCH FACILITIES in Russia have been built upon the technologies and design projects developed by the Holding.

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    Холдинг «РТ-Химкомпозит» Госкорпорации Ростех представил свои инновационные разработки на Международном авиационно-космическом салоне МАКС-2015. Обширная выставочная экспозиция наглядно продемонстрировала широкий спектр возможностей признанного центра компетенций в области разработки и производства наукоёмких изделий из полимерных композиционных материалов, стекла и керамики Подробнее
    The holding company RT-Chemcomposite of the Rostec State Corporation presented its innovations at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS 2015. Extensive exposition has demonstrated a wide range of capabilities of the recognized competence center in the field of development and production of high-tech products from polymeric composite materials, glass and ceramics Look at the photos
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    In North Ossetia, the numbers of electronic industry enterprises are in the process of reorganization
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