RT-Chemcomposite to implement Russian Water Treatment Technology in Serbia

RT-Chemcomposite to implement Russian Water Treatment Technology in Serbia

The holding company RT-Chemcomposite, a subsidiary of Rostec State Corporation, will implement a pilot testing of water treatment and disinfection technology based on compound disinfectant “Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorine” producing by DX-100 type units at a water plant in the city of Nis, Serbia. These agreements were reached upon presentation of the water treatment technology by UNICHIM specialists at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia.
DX-100 type automated units, the unique equipment for water treatment and disinfection, are applied for treatment and disinfection of drinking, waste and sewage water not through traditional chlorine treatment with liquid chlorine or sodium and calcium hypochlorites but with highly effective compound disinfectant “Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorine”.

Implementation of this innovative technology brings to lowering of potential environmental hazard, which occurred during transportation and warehousing of liquid chlorine, and reducing operating costs of water treatment. Besides, in contrast to chlorine and hypochlorites, compound disinfectant “Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorine”

•    has higher disinfection and oxidation capability (up to 10 times),
•    eliminates toxic carcinogenic OCs from water,
•    has strong disinfecting effect in a wide pH range,
•    eliminates secondary water pollution along the entire water distribution system and
•    has strong deodorize effect thus improving the taste of water.

As of today, this water treatment technology has been successfully implemented by UNICHIM specialists at more than 25 facilities in Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan and Krasnoyarsk regions. Pilot testing were implemented in Udmurtia, Astrakhan and Volgograd regions.

“DX-100 type unites developed by UNICHIM specialists were the first in Russia for producing compound disinfectant “Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorine” from domestic raw materials like sodium chlorate, sodium chloride and sulfuric acid. This water treatment technology is genuinely unique and that is why we are more than happy that our Serbian partners could do justice to it”, Kirill Shubskiy, RT-Chemcomposite Director General said.


Ministry of Industry memorandum Russian Technologies Chamber of Commerce VIAM